Quantum Leap Day Sur5al

When the calendar gives you an extra day, what do you do with it? Play derby of course! Roller Derby of Central Kentucky (ROCK) is hosting their Inaugural Open-Gender Sur5al Tournament February 29th.

So, what is a Sur5al? It means that teams of 5 will go head to head until one team wins it all! Each game will last for 20 minutes. No time outs, no halftime, and no extra body on the bench to relief jam. It’s a true test of your stamina, endurance, and strength!

All teams are guaranteed a minimum of 2 (abbreviated) games. Entry fee includes your team’s T-shirts. Colors will vary. All skaters should pack both a black and white shirt, just in case.

A minimum of 6 registered teams is required in order for the production of this tournament to occur. Registration will be limited to 15 teams, so first come first serve. Numbers will be monitored closely and any changes will be announced at least 6 weeks in advance. In the event that a cancellation happens all teams / individuals will be refunded their registration fee.

Registration Information:

-Teams of 5= $100.00. Your registration fee MUST be received to be consider registered. Remember, we cap at 15 teams! Teams signup here: https://bit.ly/32QLT4r

-Individual Skater= $25. Don’t have a team of 5, but want to play? You can signup as an individual and we will attempt to create a team for you. Individual skaters signup here: https://bit.ly/2NTzQzb

Please send registration fee via PayPal to rollerderbyofcentralkentucky@gmail.com

*Payments must be sent as “friends and family”, and have identifying information including derby/team name, legal name of participant(s), and Sur5al in the description. Any payments received as “goods and services” or with an unclear description will be returned.


Please note that ROCK’s practice space is not able to be sanctioned under WFTDA rules- there are poles and walls closer to the track than WFTDI will allow. WFTDA insured skaters are not covered if they are injured by the fixtures which are closer to the track than allowed by WFTDI, but will be covered under ROCK’s USARS insurance.

The floor is polished concrete, and gets slick in cold weather. But, don't worry! We'll have rosin available for individual skaters and the floor, if needed.

ROCK will have Pizza slices and water available to purchase on site! Cash is preferred.

This tournament will take many NSOs, Refs, and Medics to successfully pull off this full day of derby! Food will be provided for all volunteers.

If you would like to officiate, please register here: https://bit.ly/2NSzfxN

If you would like to be a medic, please register here: https://bit.ly/34445ZG

Please note that our space is not temperature controlled. It is advised to dress in layers. Kentucky weather can be unpredictable: 20 degrees at 8am and 90 by noon.

Some housing accommodations may be available. Please send an email to pinkie.brewser@gmail.com if this applies to you.