We are in The Market

After 10 years of calling West Sixth Brewing our home, we are in the market! We love West 6th and will miss them, but canning supply issues means they need their space. So, here is what we are looking for:

- An absolute minimum of 6,174 square feet, or minimum dimensions of 63’ by 98’. We’d LOVE to have 75’ by 108’ or more, but we know that space is hard to find!
- Polished concrete, wood, tile, or sport court. We promise to take great care of the floor!
- Evening and weekend access (24/7 access would be great too!)
- Access to a bathroom (just one stall is fine!)
- If we’re dreaming big, we’d love heat and AC, but we can do without.
- A really affordable rent (We’re a small 501c3 non-profit, so we don’t have too much money!)
- In the Lexington area, but doesn't have to be in Lexington.

Let us know if you have a space for us or know somewhere we should check! Also, if you could share this to spread the word, we would appreciate it!